Top 10 Best Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

Top Best Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

Khakhra (spicy wheat crackers)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

Street food you must try in Ahmedabad Khakhra is a snack that is common in both Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is quite a simple food item made using wheat flour, salt, spices, and oil. You can even say that it is a Gujrati version of crispy tortillas that can be topped with any food of your choice or eaten without an accompaniment. There are over hundreds of variants in khakhra based on the spices you mix to the base wheat flour and it is often served along with breakfast at Gujarati homes.

While plain wheat khakhra itself is a delicious mild snack, when topped with spices like chilly powder, amchur powder (mango powder), chaat masala (tangy powder mix) or methi leaves (fenugreek leaves), the whole snack gets a brand new flavor and aroma. Check out the many khakhra vendors lined up across the streets of Ahmadabad for a crispy yummy bite.

Samosa pav (deep-fried savory pastry stuffed in a bun)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

When speaking about Indian Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad one cannot miss the popular Indian snack samosa. It is a triangle cone-shaped snack stuffed with potato, chickpea mix, or a vegetable mix. Samosa pav is made by sandwiching delicious samosas inside a bun (pav). This is served with spiced chutney and tomato sauce.

While Mumbai is famous for its vadapav (pav with fried potato dumpling), Ahmedabad’s samosa pav is an equally popular street delight. With a dash of cheese and spice-mix on both sides of the bun, samosa pav reaches a whole new level in treating your taste buds.

Dal vada (split green gram fritters)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad
Dal vada

Gujarati moong dal vada or dal vada is made using split yellow and green gram soaked over-night. The vada batter is made using green chilies, ginger and garlic ground together coarsely with the lentils. This batter is then deep-fried in ball-like shapes and served with fried green chilies and chopped onions.

Dal vada is crispy on the outside and spongy on the inside which makes it all the more delicious. Unlike other vadas, this one doesn’t require any chutney. Numerous stalls in Ahmadabad sell dal vada that you can take away.

 Fafda jalebi Street food you must try in Ahmedabad (crispy gram flour sticks with sugary sweet treat)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad
Fafda jalebi

Street food you must try in Ahmedabad Skip the usual rooftop restaurants just this time and try these tasty treats instead. Fafda jalebi is a plate of yummy delicacy made using two different snack items – fafda and jalebi. They are served together with green chilly and salad. It is a popular breakfast item in Ahmadabad where people start their day with a mix of spice and sweet in their food.

Fafda is made using gram flour and spice-mixed dough, which is then fried into a chips-like snack. Jalebi is made using all-purpose flour, gram flour batter that is fried into rings and dipped in tangy sugar syrup. These two snack items can be served separately or together in one plate. Fafda jalebi is often enjoyed with salad and curd.

Dhokla (steamed fluffy chickpea cake)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

When speaking of Gujarati cuisine, the one dish that comes to everyone’s mind is dhokla. It is a steamed dish, which can be tasted in almost every household of Ahmadabad. Dhokla is made using chickpea flour, salt, sugar, spice and a dash of baking soda to give the cake a rise and soft texture.

This cake is both sweet and salty and is often served with green coriander chutney and red chilly chutney. Street food you must try in Ahmedabad, dhokla is something that you can have any time of the day and it is very mild on the tummy.

Stuffed parantha (stuffed Indian flatbread)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

When you’re exploring Ahmadabad, make sure to include tasting parantha in your list of things to do. Parantha or paratha is an Indian flatbread made from wheatflour dough (atta) and is cooked almost every day in many parts of the country.

When this flatbread is made with a variety of spicy stuffings such as potato masala, paneer curry, fenugreek (methi) leaves, cauliflower stuffing (gobi) and so on, it is called a stuffed parantha and is often served with curd and pickle. Did you know, there are over hundreds of varieties of stuffed paranthas in India.

One of the popular household name in stuffed paranthas is the aloo parantha made with potato stuffing. It is a frequent breakfast Street food you must try in Ahmedabad and a must-try delicacy.

 Paani puri Street food you must try in Ahmedabad (crunchy balls with savory fillings and flavored water)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad
paani puri

Street food you must try in Ahmedabad There is not a celebration or a festival in the country that goes without tasting these crunchy balls of joy. Paani means water and puri is small fried hollow puri in the shape of a ping-pong ball.

Paani puri is served by stuffing mashed potatoes or sprouts into the hollow balls and then filling it with tangy and sweet water. The paani is a mixture of coriander leaves, green chillies, salt and tangy tamarind juice.

When you stuff one whole crispy paani puri (that’s how it is supposed to be had), the spicy water explodes in your mouth and fuses with the potato stuffing while balancing out the taste. The feeling is heavenly.

Kulfi (condensed milk frozen dessert)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

Street food you must try in Ahmedabad is popularly dubbed as the “ice-cream capital of India”, as it is home to the country’s largest dairy brand – Amul. It will be a great miss to leave this city without trying its signature milk-based ice-cream kulfi. Kulfi is made by collecting evaporated milk solids (koya/koa), adding it to condensed or thickened milk and flavoring it with sugar, saffron, cardamom and nuts.

This mixture is then frozen to form kulfi. Based on the flavorings added kulfi can be of different variations such as malai kulfi (traditional kulfi), elaichi kulfi (cardamom flavored), chocolate kulfi, mango kulfi, kesar badam kulfi (saffron and nut flavored) and so on. Kulfi is a very popular dessert available by the Street food you must try in Ahmedabad and restaurants.

Baraf gola (crushed ice popsicle)

Baraf gola

Baraf gola or ice gola is a popsicle made using crushed ice and flavoring. This refreshing popsicle is a nostalgic childhood memory for many adults today and is still loved by people of all ages. You can dip baraf (ice) in the gola (flavorful juice) and enjoy this delicacy.

Gola is available in different flavors such as blueberry, orange, grape, pineapple, lemon, kalakhatta (tangy blackberry), litchi and more. Kalakhatta is uniquely Indian infused with both tangy and spicy flavors. Street food you must try in Ahmedabad

Ketli chai (kettle tea)

Street Food You Must Try In Ahmedabad

Ketli chai is authentic Indian masala milk tea that is prepared using one part milk and half part water in which spices like ginger, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves and tulsi (holy basil) are added along with tea and boiled in an aluminium kettle for long so that all the flavors get fully absorbed in the milk.

To this sugar is added according to people’s preferences and served hot from the kettles poured into chai glasses. Ketli chai is a go-to drink in Ahmadabad and an early morning caffeine fix for many Indians.

This aromatic tea is said to have medicinal qualities as it has a mixture of spices and herbs. Ketli chai with bun maska is a popular morning snack Street food you must try in Ahmedabad , as discussed earlier.

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